The place

Our search for an orderly and sustainable reality with variety leads us to discover places from the beginning. The past, present and future of Epirus and Western Macedonia and the harmony that characterizes them, are key features of Yonder, regardless of location. But let's learn more about the areas that inspire us.

In Northern Greece, near the borders with Albania and North Macedonia, the protected areas of Zagorochoria, Nestorio with the Grammos mountain range and Prespes are situated in the regions of Epirus and Western Macedonia. Since ancient times until the beginning of the 20th century, the Egnatia Odos which is passing close by, was one of the main highways connecting the countries and peoples of Southeastern Europe. Today Epirus and West Macedonia are border areas of Greek territory with a long history of fierce military conflicts during the two world wars, areas that suffered great damage during the period of National resistance against the German occupation and the civil war that followed. Places with a living history that calls for reflection on the need to reconcile peoples, religions and cultures.

Areas rich in natural beauty and biodiversity, authentic, highly preserving traditional elements reflected in the local architecture. Virgin forests, gorges, waters and human stories create a diverse landscape with great variations of colors, textures, flavors and stories. Unique landscapes, which complement the rich history of the place, as preserved by both the written testimonies and the structured environment.

Zagori, the "the land beyond" the mountains, the center of a wider area surrounded by the mountain ranges of Thesprotia, Ioannina, Kastoria and Florina, with a variety of cobbled streets and trails for hiking and cycling, followed by prehistory, history and today .. 

The area 

  • maintains unchanged over time the architectural tradition of the ‘petrades’, experienced stone masons who built the famous arched bridges and stone settlements
  • has natural landscapes of memorable aesthetics and ecosystems of rich biodiversity with rare flora and fauna
  • hosts cultural events of international scope with festivals such as Prespeia, Nestorio River Party, Zagori Mountain Running and others
  • was honored and mentioned by well-known travelers such as Lord Byron, Partick Le Fermor as well as Fred Bouasona and Christopher King.