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Yourotrip - Environmental Forum

datefrom 11.07.2021 to 17.07.2021
Design & ImplementationIasis

Motivating youth from all over Europe to take the floor and contribute to environmental conservation. RO.und TRIP. for climate action (acronym: YOUROTRIP) is a European project, implemented under the Erasmus+ funding programme "Supporting Policy Reforms - European Youth Together", under Agreement Number 614827. YOUROTRIP aims to promote the participation of young people in democratic decision-making processes through debates on the high priority issue of Climate Change. 

Young people from 8 countries will form Youth Councils, collaborate and develop Climate Action Policies, supported by decision makers and stakeholders at local, regional, national and European level! The first meeting will take place from 11-17.07.2021 in Zagori, where the young participants will meet in order to learn through interactive workshops about climate change, the value of biodiversity conservation, recycling practices and European legislative processes and then present their proposals to local stakeholders. Having received feedback, they will draft the first Climate Change policy proposal!

We wish to give youth a voice in tackling Climate Change!  Through YOUROTRIP, young people will have the opportunity to make a positive impact and push Europe towards a more sustainable future!