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Zagori Fiction Days

datefrom 29.09.2021 to 04.10.2021
Design & ImplementationThe Land Beyond

Connecting the world of television with artists from all creative sectors.

An annual international meeting with the participation of screenwriters and directors, publishers, producers and distributors sets the stage for the promotion of book-based adaptations for the production of television series. Open to all new people in the field of arts, students of fine arts and cinema.

WEDNESDAY 29/09/21
10:00-11:00 Press conference online (via Facebook)
11:30-13:00 Interview meeting with Stavros Tzimas, greek Balkans expert journalist
(daily newspaper Kathimerini and Greek News Agency) sharing on/offline with the public
his balkan human, social, political, diplomatic stories mentioned in his last book “Secret
aspects of the Macedonian question”. Movie and creative writing club members of The
Progressive Union of Xanthi (FEX) local cultural institution of Xanthi City and other online followers and participants are asked to conceive and write a two pages serial synopsis
inspired from Tzimas stories.
13:00-14:30 Lunch
14:30-18:30 Off/online followers and participants of the Stavros Tzimas meeting
elaborate their television series synopsis proposals. Zagori Fiction Days Selection
Committee read and select the three best synopsis proposals submitted.
15:30-17:30 Zagori Fiction Days is informing young students about audiovisual sector
studying and working opportunities in Greece and abroad.
20:00-21:15 Angelika Papanikolaou, in charge of the ZFDays music programs, presents
the submitted projects of music scoring, a contest organized via the platform Film Freeway
in partnership with the Greek Composers Union represented by Spyros Deligiannopoulos
and announces the selected composer to be awarded. Screening of the first episode of the
French serial silent movie “La Maison du Mystère/House of Mystery” directed by French
director Alexandre Volkoff music scored by the winner of the music score contest of
Zagori Fiction Days 2021.
THURSDAY 30/09/21
10:00-12:30: reception of public and online consultations
Script playwriting and production workshop for a pilot written and produced by young
refugees in collaboration with Evropaiki Ekfrasi an Athenian NGO hosting refugees.
13:00-14:30 Lunch
16:30-18:00 Walking series 1 greek actor-guide, Yorgos Nakos is showing to the ZFD
visitors imaginary aspects, figures and stories inspired from ANAPARASTASI
(Reconstitution), the Theo Angelopoulos movie shot in Vitsa Village (meeting point
Epekeina Hora).
19:30-20:30 Music concert “The Legend of the Dead Brother” based on Mikis Théodorakis
music play, with the Konitsa village orchestra and choir conducted by Yannis Galitis.
Presentation by Alexandros Karozas, composer, producer and friend of Mikis Theodorakis.
This concert was produced during Zagori Fiction Days 1 st edition (2020) workshop focused
on adapting music lyric dramas / plays into series.
21:00 Reception of local, regional and national institutions supporting Zagori Fiction Days

FRIDAY 1/010/21
10.00-13.00: How was made the balkan legend "The Legend of the Dead Brother", a
special workshop on Ismail Kadaré book "The Ghost Rider" pilot tv series adaptation.
With Ben Apolloni, screenwriter, director and theater director (Kosovo), Kosta Zhonga,
producer and presenter of tv cultural shows for children (Albania), Vagelis Bekas writer,
screenwriter, (Greece), Yannis Galitis music composer (Greece).
13:00-14:30 Lunch
16:30-18 :00: Walking series 2: greek actor-guide, Yorgos Nakos is showing to the ZFD
visitors imaginary aspects, figures and stories inspired from ANAPARASTASI
(Reconstitution), Theo Angelopoulos movie shot in Monodendri Village (meeting point
Monodendri Square).
20:00-21:00 (section tv-series cultural heritage screenings) Screening of the first
episode of the swiss french tv production anticipation series SIAL IV (1969) by
french-greek director Adonis Kyrou (English subtitles).

SATURDAY 02/10/21
10:00-12:00 Masterclass “Profession Writer & series screenwriter - The art of writing a
novel and a tv series” with the famous Greek novelist and screenwriter, film and television
Katerina Bei.
13:00-14:30 Lunch
16:00-18:00 Masterclass “Profession tv-series adaptor” with the famous Greek
screenwriter, adaptor and script doctor Nikos Apeiranthitis
19 :00-20 :15 Presentation, meeting & debate about "tv Series, utopias & dystopias " with
Ariel Achille Kyrou, french-greek director Adonis Kyrou's son, journalist, essayist, new
tech expert, sci-fi critic, historian of world avant-gardes.
20:15-21:15 Screening of Serbian tv-series Nečista krv (Bad Blood) ( first episode eng
subtitled) produced by This and That productions.
22:00 Buffet dinner for ZFDays guests offered by Bekas Family Aggelon Katafygio.

SUNDAY 03/10/21
10:30-12:30 Screening+meeting with the Serbian tv series producer Snezana van
Houwelingen and the screenwriter, director and producer Goran Stankovic talking about
the successful series Nečista krv (Bad Blood) based on the novel written by
Bora Stanković.
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:30-16:30 Round table on the issues of the European and global creative industry, with
Maria Koufopoulou, ERT Head International Productions, the representatives of EKOME
(public agency for the management of cash rebate funding support of Greek and foreign
productions shooting in Greece), two Serbian producers Snezana van Houwelingen and
Serbian director Goran Stankovic, two north Macedonian producers of OXO team Ilija
Tiricovski and Pece Taleski, Dionysios Samiotis (Tanweer productions, Greece),
Angeliki-Lina Milonaki (Head of Film Office-Region of Central Macedonia)
Dionysia Arvanitou (Production Support Advisor & Project Coordinator - Film Office-
Region of Central Macedonia), Gregory Vardarinos Vice President of Thessaloniki
International Festival, Ariel Achille Kyrou writer, journalist, analyst, sci-fi researcher
17:00-18:30 Meeting with Dionysis Samiotis, Profession producer (Tanweer, Greece)
20:00-21:30 Screening of the first episode of the tv series Silence (2021) produced by
Drugi Plan (Croatia) and Beta Films (Germany) (2021)

Suitable for all.