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Workshop ‘Exercise is Medicine’

datefrom 13.08.2021 to 16.08.2021
Design & ImplementationThe Land Beyond & Exercise is Medicine-Greece - Fragility Fracture Network Greece - Society of Psychosocial Research and Intervention

«Health and Exercise: the importance of physical exercise in the mountains»

In The Land Beyond we believe that hiking contributes to personal and social peace and highlights the balance of body and mind. In collaboration with the Greek National Center "Exercise is medicine-Greece", member of the International Network "Exercise is Medicine", the activity sets as its main goal the promotion of physical exercise as a key pillar for our health. For the second year in a row, the Land Beyond organizes an interactive and experiential mountain workshop on the value of exercise, a medicine for humans. The aim is to raise awareness of middle-aged and old people about the value of physical exercise as a preventive means of health, and the social importance of exercisefor the importance of mutual understanding and networking.


Friday 13/08

Arrivals until noon

17.30 starting at the Land Beyond - getting to know the three organizations (The Land Beyond, Exercise is Medicine-Greece, Network of Fragility Fractures Greece) - presentation of the three axes of the activity

Satuday 14/08
08.30 Morning walk on the path to the Monastery of Prophet Ilias
11.30 "Road it takes, Road it leaves...: paths and routes in folk songs and fairy tales" - Dr Fani Balamoti
12.00 Stretching exercises workshop
13.00 Light lunch - rest
17.30 Exercise is Medicine: the importance of walking", Giannis Koutenakis, Emeritus Professor & Socrates Papageorgiou, Assistant Professor of the Medical School of NKUA.
20.30 Dinner

Sunday 15/08
08.30 Morning walk in Skala Vitsa and the Bridge of Missi (there should be the possibility of visiting the church for those who wish to)
10.30 Exercise and mental retardation, Socrates Papageorgiou, Assistant Professor of the Medical School of NKUA, Vice President of Exercise is Medicine-GGGreece
11.00 Never a New Fracture for the elderly, Elias Panagiotopoulos, Emeritus Professor
11.30 Beyond exercise - Experiences from the Healthy Living Lab - Manolis Mentis
12.00 Therapeutic exercise as an intervention on the Dementia Day Center, Dr. E. Pappas & N. Mastoras
14.00 Light lunch - rest
17.30 Stretching exercises workshop
18.30 Summary and discussion, search for the creation of a European platform - Nikos Giannis
21.00 Reception at the Land Beyond

Monday 16/08 
08.30 Morning walk from Vitsa to Monodendri via the path of Kokkini
12.30 Light lunch at Monodendri
Farewells and departures