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13th Vikos Crossing - Education! Not only training

datefrom 06.08.2021 to 11.08.2021
Design & ImplementationThe Land Beyond

Crossing the Vikos Gorge as an indication of beginning a new life.

Combining mental and physical exercise, the passage of the Vikos Gorge (16km) is a unique achievement every time for each and every one of us and the beginning of a new life, full of new experiences, tolerance and respect, solidarity, breadth well-being, mental and physical health.

The crossing offers us a long deep breath, extremely refreshing, especially for those working in offices, studios, indoors in general, or with computers, for those who do not think it is enough to spend their lives in the car, at home or work, for all those who want to take some distance from the things they do, out of silo and think a little bit out of the box. The combination of physical exercise, wandering and guided tours in nature, in the largest Greek National Park, with the exercise of the mind around a carefully selected theme that each time the program runs, with new and old friends, is a unique experience.

Our theme this year, "Education! Not only training", come to face the challenge of the issue in the new light of the experience left by the pandemic in this field. Coming out of a difficult year with unprecedented experiences in the organization and management of time, material and behaviors, we will discuss with distinguished guests many issues that concern all of us citizens and which start from training and end only with education.


Friday 06/08
Welcome dinner to The Land Beyond
Saturday 07/08
National Park Information Center - Asprangeli
Kokkorou Bridge - Kalogeriko - Gardens
Kapesovo - Tsepelovo
Beloi - walking
Sunday 08/08|
Morning hike in Prophet Ilias
Speeches at The Land Beyond "Education! Not just training
light lunch at the Land Beyond
Skala Vitsa and Bridge of Missi
Dinner at Cinnamon and Clove
Monday 09/08
Vikos Crossing with lunchbox
return, rest
awarding of the diplomas at the Land Beyond and reception by the Gastronomy Club of Epirus "Alexandros Giotis"
Tuesday 10/08
Rafting at 11.00
Lunch in Aristi
Coffee in Papigo
Wednesday 11/08
Monodendri - St Paraskevi