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GLAP – Global Land Paths

datefrom 11.07.2021 to 16.07.2021
Design & ImplementationThe Land Beyond

Becoming citizens of the world by creating a global community in the name of peace.

This year's Global Land Paths X invites 40 young people from all over Greece, who are interested in climate action, to take part in the most participatory and interactive event on Climate Change ever organized in our country. This year GLAP X will run under the banner of YOUNGO's Local COY (the first LCOY in our country!). Its main objective is to prepare the Youth for the biggest and most important conference on Climate Change, the COP (Conference of Parties, UNFCCC).

At the same time, GLAP X aims to:

  • rally the Climate Youth Movement in Greece
  • Give access and priority to young people from all corners of Greece
  • to inspire, to strengthen the sense of active and meaningful participation of young people

The three main days of the conference will cover, through discussions and participatory processes, three themes:

  • Climate migration and the role of Greece (12/7)
  • Preparing young people for COP26: Greece at the COP, (13/7)
  • Preparing Youth for COP26: And now... what do we do? (14/7)

On the fourth day (15/7), a speed-networking event will take place, where young students and professionals will connect with organisations, entrepreneurs as well as with each other.

Natural distancing #natural_distancing 

The physical spaces of the land beyond have the capacity to accommodate 40 people without compromising anyone's safety. The conferences will be held outdoors, in the nature of Zagori and many outdoor physical activities will be integrated into the program, such as hiking, rafting, yoga, meditation.

Digital conference

Most activities will also be available digitally for those interested in attending the event. Instructions and specifications regarding digital presence will be provided at a later stage.