The breath we need to get out of the city routine. Imagine days filled with walking, hiking and activities in nature, seminars with the topic ‘Exercise is medicine’, learning about mindfulness, yoga, qigong exercises and many more in a green landscape. At Yonder we want to exercise our body, mind and spirit!

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Well Being Weekend

Let's celebrate the World Day of Sustainable Gastronomy, Yoga and Music!
Getting away from the city, traveling to the northern and mountainous villages of Epirus for a relaxing weekend with gastronomic surprises and an introduction to the special art of Qigong. The program will include tours of the picturesque bridges and walking tours in Vitsa and the surrounding villages. A four-day Well Being Weekend that will be a celebration for the World Day of Sustainable Gastronomy (18/06), Yoga and Music (21/06)
On Sunday afternoon, we will discuss and honor gastronomy in all its glory in collaboration with the Gastronomy Club of Epirus. The event will be an introduction to Sustainable Gastronomy and how slow food positively affects physical and mental health. The event will be accompanied by traditional Celtic music by the band "Beer for Breakfast".
foods that will be cooked on the spot: herbs in the pan, spinach pie, tanour (reconstruction of Mesopotamian oven also known as kontosouvli) & milk pie or Byzantine baklava
The activity includes accommodation for 3 nights, 5 meals (including the gastronomic meal on Sunday night) and participation in the Qigong seminar.

datefrom 18.06.2021 to 21.06.2021
Design & ImplementationThe Land Beyond
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Working Meeting in Nestorio for the development of YonderPath

The hiking and cultural connection is developed by all local and regional stakeholders.

datefrom 26.06.2021 to 27.06.2021
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Vikos Crossing

Crossing the Vikos Gorge as an indication of beginning a new life.

datefrom 06.08.2021 to 11.08.2021
Design & ImplementationThe Land Beyond